Show Time: Lady Gaga Wore Baileigh Monster on The artRAVE Stage in Houston

“@ladygaga PICK UP MY JACKET TONIGHT PLEASE”, Baileigh Monster tweeted with a picture of the denim vest, she created for the artRAVE in Houston, and few hours and one unforgettable artRAVE later, …

… she tweeted again, sharing a bunch of “proofs” that nothing is impossible.

Gaga not only wore her vest, but also read her letter and invited her backstage!

Life is full of surprises and wishes & dreams do come true!

Photo credit: Baileigh Monster

Show Time: Lady Gaga Wore Matt Rebula on The artRAVE Stage in Los Angeles

A couple of days ago, during the last song at The Staples Center in LA, Lady Gaga wore a Leaf Crown, designed by Matthew Rebula.

Matt told us he made the piece out of wire hangers, hemp, fake ivy and a ton of rhinestones.

Thanks to Matt’s best friend, Merrick Fisher, for sharing the pictures with Gaga Fashionland.

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Photo credit: Matt & Merrick

Show Time: Lady Gaga Wore Alea Pettrone on The artRAVE Stage in Buffalo

One of the fan-made garments, Lady Gaga wore on the artRAVE stage in Buffalo, was Alea Pettrone‘s custom ARTPOP denim vest.

“I am eternally grateful to her that she actually picked my jacket up on stage and tried to wear it! She is my inspiration, my idol, and what keeps me going when times get rough. I just want her to know how much that moment meant to me”, she shared after the show.

Happy for you, Alea!

Still 5 more Show Times to come. Keep checking back!

Photo credit: Alea Pettrone