Lady Gaga in Junko Shimada


Last time when I, yet pre-FASHION, wrote about Lady Gaga and Junko Shimada, it was about the ballet platforms with plexi heels for Junko Shimada Spring 2009 “I Feel Love” collection. 


gaga junko shimada ballet shoes


After I saw Gaga’s first picture from Paris. My instant reaction was “Gaga, honey, why are you doing this to me?”. But then I spent time looking for more pictures and I changed my mind. You can do this to me again and again, again, again, again, again… never stop…

Now if these were mine I would put them on…


junko shimada ballet1


… walk, dance and sleep in them…


junko shimada ballet2


… and each time I’d take them off, I’d just put them back on the shelf in the livingroom. That is where delicate beauties like these belong.


junko shimada ballet3


I started the article with “again…” and yes. This time it was what I believe is a combination of Junko Shimada Fall 2009 and Fall 2008.


lady gaga junko shimada look


Envy those lucky ones who were able to enjoy the Fall 2009 presentation of the collection. That must have been really extraordinary.


junko shimada fall 2009


And that I would have loooved being able to observe Junko backstage, goes without saying.


junko shimada backstage


The Pantent Leather Fishnet Headmask was presented both in white and black.


junko shimada patent fishnet cap


Barbie lovers will tell me the Fall 2009 cap was also seen on her and since I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, here you have her ;)


lady gaga barbie

Photos vía: Gagadaily/gallery, Coutorture, Dianepernet, Dannydaily, KarenKooper, Luxemodefr