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FASHION meets Orschel-Read Couture

I’m more than sure you’ll remember Lady Gaga “Wetten Dass..?” look. For me those pants are simply unforgettable.

Just had a short “3 questions” brunch with Stefán Orschel Read, the man behind Orschel Read Couture. One of those brief but fabulous virtual “fashion bite” get togethers.

FASHION: What are the first three words that come instantly to your mind when I say “Lady Gaga style”?
Stefán: “Transgressive Gender Illusion”.

FASHION: What is your most favourite look Gaga has ever wore?
Stefán: “Our trousers she wore on “Wetten Das..?” of course ;)”


FASHION: What would you chose for the next TV appearance?
Stefán: “One of our couture leather jackets from S/S 2010″.

orschel read couture gaga

I invite you to visit Orschel Read Couture site and go through both the RTW and Couture Spring 2010 collections inspired by Twelfth Night by Shakespeare and multicultural youth of London. You’ll be blown away.

The third collection you’ll find there is “Mourning for Orlando”. J’adore.

orschel read couture gaga2

This is my absolute favourite piece from this collection. The cut. The shape. The tailoring. Oh my… Wouldn’t you even sleep in it if it was yours?

The only thing I’m able to say is…

orschel read couture gaga3

… oh boy you’ve left me speechless… you’ve left me speechless so speechless…

Photos vía: Orschel Read Couture

Bad Romance, part 9: Hair & Make-up

Sooo many of you wanted to know who did Lady Gaga’s make-up and hair for the Bad Romance video.

Mr. Magic Hands behind the make-up is Billy Brasfield

gaga bad romance make-up

… and the one behind the hair is Syd Curry. Both of them are one of the most successful and sought after artists in the Fashion and Entertainment industries. Visit their respective official sites and have a look at what these two talented men are capable of creating.

gaga bad romance hair

Bad Romance was not their first colaboration with our girl. Billy and Syd also created, among others, her make-up and hairdos for ACE Awards and MOCA 30th Anniversary Gala (huge thanks, Nic, for your help!).

billy and syd lady gaga

There was another magic handed hair artist’s work featured in the video.

I’m talking about the “Walk walk fashion baby…” look.

gaga bad romance charlie le mindu

The hairpiece Lady Gaga wears is “Lips” from Charlie le Mindu Spring 2010 collection (thanks a lot to Richie for the info!).

gaga bad romance charlie le mindu2

Yes, that very one wig a bunch of you wrote me about how much you would love Gaga wearing it.

Now you know she did. Her very own way.

gaga bad romance charlie le mindu3

Photos vía: GagaDaily/gallery, Daylife, Madmoiselle Robot, Flickr – Andy Houghton

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Just found a picture of Lady Gaga at the first official The Fame Monster release party in Voyeur club the night after American Music Awards.

Hope there will be some full lenght photo available soon so I could show you the beauty of her…

lady gaaga voyeur

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 dress she wore for the ocassion.

Pure L.O.V.E.

lady gaga tfm release party

Photos vía: Joshua Mi11er blog, Coutorture

Lady Gaga in Haus of Gaga

For all those of you who tweeted and e-mailed me about this killer outfit Gaga rocked on Jay Leno Show, this marvel is by Haus of Gaga.

There’s nothing else I can say eh eh eh eh…

lady gaga haus of gaga leno

… well I can. I send all my love to each and every one behind Haus of Gaga. Keep it coming, guys!

Source: NicolaFormichetti’s blog    Photos vía: Celebrity-paradise