Lady Gaga loves Christian Louboutin

Jillian was “wondering what shoes she is wearing with the origami dress”

lady gaga cest moi louboutin1

… and Inuspal tweeted me her question…


… and this candid I realy looove.

lady gaga hidden platform louboutins0

Marilyn Monroe once said she didn’t know who invented high heels, bull all women owe him a lot. And I can not agree with her more. We owe a lot to him and to Christian Louboutin whose signature red sole shoes above I’m pretty sure many of you recognized.

The booties Jillian likes are C’est Moi booties but I call them Love Game.

lady gaga cest moi louboutin

And the peep toe shoes Inuspal was asking me about…

lady gaga hidden platform louboutins

… are Hidden-Platform Pumps.

lady gaga hidden platform louboutins2

These are not the only  Louboutins our girl has in her closet. We saw her wearing these fabulous vintage looking blue patent Lola Pumps

lady gaga louboutin lola pumps

She also rocked these gold patent leather feet jewels called Robot 120 Ankle Boots

lady gaga louboutin metallic booties

If you loved her yellow heels in Beyoncé’s “Videophone” video, those were Decollete 100 Patent Pumps.

lady gaga christian louboutin

And correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the last pair she stepped a stage in were these red patent Lady Page pumps with sculptural front velvet bow.

lady gaga lady page

I read an interview with Mr. Louboutin some time ago and kept his answer to “how did you chose the red sole?” question that made me smile and I want to share with you here. He said “I did not really choose the red sole. It’s more like the red sole came to me and had to stay with me. It started as a happy accident, which I kept. I was very inspired by pop art so all my drawings were really full of colors. So the first prototype arrived. It was very similar to my designs so I was very happy. But something was missing. Thank God I had this girl with me who was painting her nails. Grabbed her nail polish – thanks to Chanel for that! I grabbed the nail polish and I painted the sole.”


If you decided to make some Louboutins yours online, be careful. There are many red sole fakes out there so make sure you get them from any of the official retailers.

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Photos vía: Gagadaily/gallery, Last, TFS, Style, Elle, Polyvore, Zimbio