Telephone video, part 10: Let’s make a sandwich…

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t know who is Gaga’s Telephone hat by?

The only excuse I’m willing to admit is “this is my first time on FASHION”, and if so, welcome home, honey!

FASHION has brought you exclusive sketches and even a prototype of this blue awe created by Fred Butler.

Now it’s time to virtually touch the “final result”.


Photos vía: video stills, Fred Butler

  • Will Fitzell

    Does anybody know how the phone on the RIGHT side of the hat is attached? I made a rendition of this hat for Halloween that turned out very good (partly in thanks to a YouTube tutorial, but whatever). Anyway, the phone on the right side of the hat (that Gaga actually holds in the video) was never addressed. Does it just hang off the side? Where does the wiring go to? Is the phone attached to a particular “area” on the hat?