Lady Gaga in Noritaka Tatehana

Here I am with the 2nd chapter of my Japanese fashion mission, called “The Wonder Shoes”.

The black skyscraping 13 cm platform 27 cm invisible heel wonders called “Night Makers” Gaga stepped the Music Station TV set in and walked quite a mile in since then…

… were custom crafted for her by Noritaka Tatehana


And I would sooo love to try them on.

Noritaka, Tokyo National University of the Arts graduate, apart from being an amazing human being I would really love to meet one day personally, is fashion designer, graphic designer and web designer. Specialized in Yu-zen – traditional Japanese kimono-dyeing technique from 18th century, where all the intricate patterns are hand-drawn and dyed.

Noritaka Tatehana brand, launched this year, is attracting attention all around the globe as wearable pieces of art.

Most of his works, including Gaga’s so out of this world heel-less platformsare custom made creations. 

I won’t leave you without showing you a part of Noritaka Tatehana‘s 2010 Artisan Collection. Each and every pair is hand crafted.

Eye catching.

Palpitations causing.


Fashion credits: Nicola Formichetti
Photos vía: Noritaka Tatehana, Twitter/ladygaga