Back in Time: The Story Behind Gaga’s Iconic Hair Bow

If I did a research, I believe the percentage of “Lady Gaga” answers to the question “When I say “hair bow”, what is the first image that comes to your mind?” would be close to 100.

Replicas of this famous hair piece can be found in just about every colour all around the world. You can buy them or DIY following some of many online step-by-step “how to do” tutorials.

Many of you have been religiously wearing your own version. And many of you keep asking me for more information about how the bow was brought to life.

I “met” Patricia Morales, the lovely lady behind this iconic creation the other day, so now I can finally tell you.

As a hair and wig stylist, she has always enjoyed designing hair and hair accessories, often combining the two. She first met Gaga back in October 2008 when she worked with her on the groundbreaking award winning video for “Poker Face”.

“I had several concepts in mind for her and the idea of a bow made of hair was one that she was interested in using for the video. Gaga wanted a bow that had more of a Hello Kitty shape and so together, we modified the original idea and created the iconic hair bow seen in the video”.

Gaga loved the hair bow so much, she wore it out the night after “Poker Face” shooting was finished. Many of the hair bows she rocked from then on for her performances, appearances or anywhere else were from the hair bow collection Patricia’s created for her.

I also wanted to know where is the original creation now. Patricia, instead of an answer, sent me below photo from her Hollywood studio for you!

Check out Paricia’s site for more information about her and photos of her works!

Photo by Andrew Mcpherson.

Photos via: courtesy of Patricia Morales; The-Fame

  • GaGakid

    Finally!! wow and amazing work!

  • GaGakid

    Finally!! wow and amazing work!

  • Monster2Monster

    For a little more background, here is an excerpt from Gaga’s first interview with V magazine:

    What is the origin of the hair bow?

    Me and Matt Williams, he’s my creative partner and my best friend, we design and creative direct everything together, we were in the set of my “Poker Face” video. We were looking through books, and he was looking through a Gaultier fashion show, and Gaultier did all this amazing hair art with cats and giraffes, like crazy amazing. And I was yapping about bows. “I love bows!” I was imagining myself with hundreds of bows. “Bows are everywhere! Bows are the next big thing! They’re not on the street but they’re at the parties!” So he’s saying, “Yeah, I like bows, but everyone’s going to do it.” And I said, “Let me see that hair art. Go and put a fucking outfit on my head.”

  • Dallasmonster2011

    congrats Patricia!!! Awesome work will go down in hair
    history! :0

  • Nahidalipour

    Finally it was about time girl…. congrad….

  • Freestylehair

    All creative minds think a-like…

  • SickAssJeff

    so cool..hope they do a sequal soon!!! :0) Patrica Morales and Lady Gaga bring A game always!!! LOVES!!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!


  • Jiawei Lu

    uh no girls in japan have been using this look for ages…

  • Twilightdiva88

    kick rox Jiawei Lu!

  • Queen BEEE

    OMG this is soooo major Trish!!!!! Lots of love for you girl! :)

  • O5carnla2534

    I definitely agree that Patricia isnt claiming to be the creator but the contributor to this iconic bow. She is credited as the hair stylist in this video and this was the first time we saw it on gaga. There are no videos or images to prove she did this before the video. So i think definitely patricia is respectable enough to believe her story. A hairstylist of her stature would not throw something out there for jokes or attention. Shes just telling on how her contribution to this iconic bow came about.

  • Gaga Fashionland

    Wouldn’t say it better. Thank you ;)

  • jдм

    You can find high fashion pics and mags from the 80s and 90s that have runway models with hair bows. There is even a really old statue at the Getty in LA with hair styled like a hair bow. So Jiawei, your argument is invalid. Besides I’ve been following fashio in Japan for well over 10 years and this particular style of hair bow was not popular until POST the Fame Gaga.

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