Le Grand Journal: Lady Gaga in Versace

I haven’t seen the entire performance Gaga gave on Le Grand Journal until yesterday night (my friend and myself had quite a video session yesterday night and were talking fashion until 2am).

The black lacquered lace and leather gown Gaga rocked during her Edge of Glory performance…

… is one of the finale numbers from Versace Fall 2001 runway.

Luckily I was able to find a couple of close-up captures so I can show you the beauty of it in detail!

I’m sooo glad I haven’t missed this piece, also featured in Versace Fall 2001 campaign.

Diana Meszaros by Mario Testino.

Photos via: Vogue, personal files, Styleregistry

  • Spence

    Fashion Till 2am is sooo fun sometimes!  Love this dress! Hey Patti, may I call u Patti, what do u do 4 a liveing and where are u from!?

    Be as vauge as u want I was just curious! I’m from Mississippi and work in retail!