Leaving her Hotel in London: Lady Gaga in Tsumori Chisato

Captures of Gaga looking absolutely amazing leaving her hotel in London yesterday.

I’ll start from the top.

The umbrella (or rather parasol) with carved painted mermaid handle and scalloped edges…

… is from Tsumori Chisato Spring 2012 collection – an eclectic and playful homage to all things tropical.

Tsumori said she imagined Japan as an island in the South Pacific, while also loading up her basket with a host of other tropical cultures like Costa Rica, Cuba, and Miami. But ultimately, her imagination is a republic unto itself—a place where Godzilla breathes fire onto sequin mermaids, and palm-tree leaves merge with hula skirts in raffia trim on sweet little T-shirts.

I believe I don’t have to introduce Gaga’s Paloma Picasso 3729 vintage sunglasses to you. But if you’re still looking for a pair of these honey babies for your personal collection, found another one for you HERE!

Next: more about the jumpsuit. Check back in a while!

Photos via: The-Fame, Vogue, Tsumori Chisato