Terry Richardson’s Diary: Lady Gaga in MORDEKAI, Ray Brown Fashion and Urban Outfitters

Terry Richardson has released a beautiful series of pictures yesterday, capturing Lady Gaga before, during and after The Rolling Stones “One More Shot” concert:

… in the car, on her way to soundcheck, wearing Saint Laurent SS13 look, accessorized with custom made MORDEKAI cage adorned with chains and her trademark cherub.

You’ll remember Gaga wearing MORDEKAI Crown Fruit and Flower Wreath and Rose Armor Rings & Flower Bracelets for the Guggenheim and Harrods FAME perfume launch events.

… backstage after the concert, in her custom made Ray Brown Fashion catsuit.

I had a chance to chat with Rhonda Zayas, graphic and fashion designer, illustrator and muse for rock fashion legend, Ray Brown:

“Ray Brown has been designing stage wear for the world’s most iconic rock bands for several decades. His clothing has graced Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Muse and now Gaga, amongst many many others. The genre “rock fashion” would not be in existence if it were not for Ray Brown. High street fashion has been particularly inspired from his work with Judas Priest (leather and studs). The patchwork coat he created for Jon Bon Jovi is now with the Smithsonian, his work is legendary”.

“Particularly regarding the design for Lady Gaga, she wanted something “70′s rock”, “Ziggy Stardust” and what Ray does, as he does with all of his clients is to take the artist’s idea and create it into their “dream clothing”. I believe the pictures say volumes as to how comfortable she was in the piece created by Ray, and that is a direct reflection of him being the master of stage wear, which is an entirely different beast than everyday wear, or even high fashion. Stage wear needs to withstand the rigors of a performance/tour, and Ray specializes in that niche of fashion. The materials used to make the garment include stretch black velvet, and silver and gold leather encrusted with thousands of Swarovski crystals”.

… looove this one. Gaga and Terry backstage.

Gaga in (sold out) Sweaters For All My Friends Intarsia Pullover from Urban Outfitters.

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Photos via: Terry’s Diary, Urban Outfitters