Back in Time: Lady Gaga in G.V.G.V.

Back in 2011, while in Japan, Gaga appeared on Showbiz Countdown music program, wearing a tartan patchwork shirt dress, a longtime “resident” of my R.I.P. file (#researchinprogress for those who came for the first time).

I saw the capture on Little Monsters today, took it as a sign and gave it another try. Aaand mission accomplished!

The tartan and leopard print patchwork number belongs to the Tokyo fashion label G.V.G.V. Fall 2011 collection, “Youth Cult”.

The collection is a sequel to the previous one – the girl who was traveling all around the world in the Spring 2011 collection, goes back to British school.

You can (re)watch Gaga’s message here. And see the entire “Youth Cult” collection on G.V.G.V.

Aaand… even have the same dress as Gaga, as I just found one on Ebay for you: HERE!

Photos via: captures, G.V.G.V.