Behind The Seams: “Applause” Harness by Mathieu Mirano

As promised, below a beautiful sketch, featuring the bespoke harness by Mathieu Mirano, Gaga wore in the “Back Onstage” scene of the video.

The harness took 4 days to complete and is made from burnt duct tape, safety pins, and Swarovski crystals.

“Everything about it custom, including the chain, which we created and customized for Gaga“, Mathieu told me when I asked him about the piece: “Also, the entire harness can be taken apart and reconfigured. We created the harness in a way where it can be customized and styled however we wanted it to be. All the straps and cups are interchangeable and able to be switched around”.

Brandon Maxwell and Mathieu Mirano‘s inspiration behind the bespoke accessory was Mata Hari, a Dutch exotic dancer, World War I courtesan, and convicted war spy:

“It was meant to invoke a more “broken down” version of Mata Hari. Very lower east side New York City stripper. Pairing it with the archival Galliano gown gave the perfect juxtaposition of concept, having something light and airy come together with something more hardcore and edgy”.

Photo credit: courtesy of Mathieu Mirano