Leaving iTunes Festival: Lady Gaga Rocks One-off Creations by Haus of Gaga and Omar Angel Perez!

Last night, after her performance at iTunes Festival, Gaga debuted a brand new creation by Haus of Gaga, Bubble Dress 2.0.

While her famous Bubble Dress was made of plastic bubbles, this one-off swirly number actually blows real bubbles:

“This dress was designed by the TechHaus branch of Haus of Gaga. The dress blows bubbles on its own! It feels magical to wear”, Gaga tweeted about the bespoke couture piece❣

The look was styled with yet another pair of H0les kaleidoscope glasses (so far we’ve seen Gaga in four different pairs) and a bespoke pair of Omar Angel Perez Stilett”O”s (glad I was right).

Gaga’s fourth pair of Stilett”O”s was made from Zircote wood, acrylic, clear vinyl, mirror and polished chromed metal.

Below a couple of exclusive workshop pictures, taken last Wednesday, right before the custom made sculptural show-stoppers were sent to London!

Photo credit: courtesy of Omar Angel Perez, H0les, Daily Mail