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Boys, Boys, Boooys: Plaid Shirts!

Many of you have asked me to find you some fab plaid shirts.

Bang on one of this season’s trends, there is a sea of them out there, so what I did this time was, on top of bringing you a bunch of handpicked loves at first sight as per usual, I also created a widget you can browse, featuring some of the most fab (and pocket friendly) plaid shirts I was able to find.

I added some more pieces to the Fabulous Fashion Finds – Guys earlier this week, you can check them all HERE, if you haven’t yet.

Rock Her Style: Plaid Shirts in progress!

Rock Her Style: Gaga’s First ARTPOP Era Sunglasses

The first Rock Her Style (meets Boys, Boys, Boooys) of the ARTPOP era❣

Gaga doesn’t leave the house without them and I got countless requests from you regarding her first ARTPOP era sunglasses.

Below the most similar pieces I was able to find. Click on the one you ♥ to enter the store.

If you want exactly the same frame Gaga wears, HERE it is.

You can keep sending your Go Gaga, Rock Her Style and Boys, Boys, Boooys requests to!