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Born This Way Fashion, part 1: Erickson Beamon

I’m back. Finally (beyond happy about the new flat we’ve moved into but I’ve been really missing my daily fashion dose). Sooo…

… let’s get the Born This Way Fashion serie begin!

À propos, how many times did you watch the video already? Moi… quite some. Okay, many. ;)

Love it. Everybody involved did such an awesome job. Thank you so much. And… my most sincere: chapeaux!!!

Would have loved being there during the shooting. Maybe during the next one. Or the one after. Anything is possible.

During the opening scene Gaga wears “Je T’Aime” necklace (what. a. piece!)…

… and five “Gold Digger” rings.

Both created by Erickson Beamon.

Will bring you more parts of this divine fashion puzzle later on. Meanwhile a little quiz.

Question no. 1: Do you remember all the marvels by Erickson Beamon Gaga has ever worn? (and still got one to add – will publish it as soon as BTW Fashion serie is finished).

Fashion credits: Nicola Formichetti’s blog
Photos: courtesy of Erickson Beamon; captures