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Arriving in Brisbane: Lady Gaga in David Koma

Gaga was photographed arriving in Brisbane, Australia last night.

She will be sharing her magic with her fans at the Brisbane Entertainment Center on June 13th, 14th and 16th.

Gaga looked gorgeous wearing rich purple halter harness dress with geometric jacquard panel featuring greyhound heads, oval metal-rimmed eyelet holes detail and ruffled peplum from David Koma Fall 2012 collection referencing Louis Icart’s Deco greyhound paintings, Boldini’s paintings of Marchesa Casati, Thierry Poncelet’s portraits of dogs in aristocratic attire, twenties-era menswear, and the minimal side of sixties fashion.

Purple sunnies, silver earrings, black gloves and purple Christian Louboutin Daffodils completed the look.

Photos via:, GagaNews, Vogue

Flashback: Lady Gaga by Kasia Bobula

Welcome to Flashback - our brand new fashion section.

Same as in Back in Time, we are going to use our private time machine for all our journeys to the past.

Unlike Back in Time (that is about looks we’ve never talked about here before), Flashback will be about looks, photo shoots, creations and one-off pieces you know from Gaga Fashionland virtual pages already but I’d love to go back to.

To show them to you from a different angle. Or closer. Or to bring you some new info about it. Or, like today, to share a never published photo with you. Or a bit of everything.


Fasten your seatbelts. Off we go back to October 2009!

I found a couple of photos by Kasia Bobula the other day. Two captures from the presents Lady Gaga behind the scenes photo shoot. Captures I haven’t seen before.

On the first one Gaga was dancing in the black sculptural body-con dress embellished silver metal tubes and chains from David Koma AW 2009 collection.

I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, Gaga was the first famous gal to wear a piece from David’s graduate collection awarded with the prestigious Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Merit Award!

On the second one Gaga poses in… Continue reading presents Lady Gaga

The first time I saw the film I was able to recognize only three of the designers whose creations were featured in this extraordinary work of art. So I watched it like five times again and again (am I hearing you saying “you’re not the only one“?).

All the team behind the film did an excellent job and I believe I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind at all if both:

a) it was not so short short film (even though I’m aware of the fact that the good things come in small doses and the best perfumes in tiny flasks) and

b) see the next “sequel” in short. I actually can’t wait.

Then I visited and found more behind the scenes photos taken by Kasia Bobula. Recognized another young designer’s garment and I saw another fantastic piece Gagita wore but was not featured in the final editing.


So off we go: FASHION presents presents Lady Gaga.

The headpiece…


… is by my dear Fred Butler who helped me find Alex Noble when I (still pre-FASHION) was desperately trying to find out the magic hands behind the “OP Warior” top Lady Gaga wore for MTV Playground.


The multicoloured metallic catsuit…



… is from Pam Hogg Fall 2009 collection.


The white shoulder pads with multicoloured petals were created by Petra Storrs.


When I saw them I remembered Anne Vyalitsyna‘s editorial for Dazed and Confused, also styled by Nicola Formichetti.


The garment I told you I recognized when I saw the behind the scenes photos was that so visually attractive black dress with silver chains.

The jewel belongs to David Koma‘s graduate collection I had a crush on…


… the moment I saw his LBDs. Oh my…


Last but not least, this jumpsuit didn’t make it to the final cut but I wanted you to see it anyway.


You read about the designer here on FASHION already.

And if you think it was Ara Jo, you are absolutley right. Another fabulous piece that belongs to another magnificent graduate collection.



Not able to ID more but something is telling me you won’t hate me for that. ;)

I’ll see you tomorrow here with another FASHION story.


And the Eagle Eyes Award goes tooo…Brody!

The shoes Gaga wore with Pam Hogg catsuit – Petra Storrs shoulder pads – Fred Butler headpiece combo are one of those amazing platform wonders from John Galliano Fall 2009 collection.


galliano fall 2009

Photos vía:, David Koma, Ara Jo, Show Studio, Fred Butler, Vogue, Style